What kind of mold is in my house and is it Toxic Mold?

Mold cannot be identified by sight. There are thousands of species of mold. There is (usually) little benefit to you in paying to determine what type of mold is in a home. Many home inspectors and environmental companies offer expensive mold testing as the answer to the above question so you will know what kind of mold is present. After performing (very profitable) mold testing for years, I have determined that the short answer is: EVERY HOME HAS MOLD. So does the air you breathe and almost every surface you touch. I will not make a living by performing inspections with little to no value for my clients.

A large area of (pretty much) any species of mold in your home is unhealthy. If your home has a lot of mold, it should be cleaned and the conditions that caused it to grow need to be determined as best as is possible and those conditions need to be corrected.

I no longer perform (the very lucrative) “mold inspections”. However, if I see a significant (large) area of mold in the home during your inspection, I convey that information and make an appropriate recommendation.

If you have mold in YOUR present home and would like to know about how much is there and how to keep it from coming back, I do offer that as a service.

Where can I get more information?

  • The US EPA has the best unbiased mold information. Trust the EPA over those who will profit from your problem.